The Gyrotonic  methodology is a movement training/exercise system that demands rotational movements from your body. This makes it unique and an extremely effective form of exercise. As it addresses all parts of the body, you will feel as if you had a "workout" but the difference is that your spine and joints will feel "released."

Gyrotonic exercise can be done on a machine that combines a bench, rotating exercise wheels and a weighted pulley tower - it's called a Cobra, on specialized equipment (eg.the Jumping-Stretching Board Gyrotoner, Archway, Leg Extension Unit) or you can take the non-equipment form, called GYROKINESIS®. The Gyrotonic group classes use the Cobra. You need some experience in Gyrotonic to join a group Cobra Tower class so you are familiar with the basic movements and how to use the equipment.The Gyrokinesis group class just uses a stool and a floor mat and you do not need prior experience to join this class.

The intention in a full workout is to work all the major joints in the body through their full range of motion. Special attention is paid to increase the functional capacity of the spine, resulting in a stronger, yet more flexible body, which is significantly less prone to injuries. 

After a few weeks of training, you will likely feel a pronounced difference in strength, ease, efficiency of movement, and an overall sense of well being.
Initially, the movements may seem complex until you get the hang of them - because we're just not used to twisting our spines - but they need it!

Connecting with your body and getting the breathing right is crucial to getting the most out of Gyrotonic training which means switching off and leaving the pressures of life outside. Establishing this state of active relaxation can be hard, especially when you are concentrating on mastering new body skills and trying to do your best - but the results are well worth it!

Amongst The Benefits:​

Improves posture
Gyrotonic exercise leads to a more upright and elegant posture due to the continuous involvement of the supportive trunk muscles as they are strengthened and stretched.

Puts no adverse stress into joints
The unique methodology and equipment allows movement without compression through the joints yet simultaenously stregthening the skeleton and soft tissue.

Teaches you movement efficiency
The major muscle groups work together as well as interdependently, which, over time, leads to increased coordination with more efficient muscle recruitment. This is then integrated into your daily life. TRULY functional training.

Lifts your spirits
The increased energy and raised spirits can be attributed to the circular, spiraling motions and specific individual breathing patterns, as they help relax tight muscles and stiff joints.

Gives you full spinal mobility
Gyrotonic movements free the spine to move in all directions, so improving back suppleness.


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