Online Class Information

Please note that for ZOOM classes you can register online using the button above "ZOOM Live Class Sign Up" but we do need to e-mail you the ZOOM link to the class, so please allow time prior to the class for that.

Pricing Information

$20 per class - $60/week for unlimited classes (Sunday - Thursday)

 For Live Online Privates $40 for 1/2 hour, $70/hr please email us also.

Please E-mail us at and we will e-mail you the ZOOM link details.


Zoom Tips / Information

Keep in mind: 

There are 2 views, Gallery View and Speaker View. Choose Speaker View.

We are going to ask everybody to mute for most of the time. This ensures the teacher has the main screen. The host also has the ability to mute you.

You can choose if you want to be seen or not by clicking “stop video.” You can watch the teacher and nobody else can see you when you stop the video.


1.Please check that your device has a built in microphone and speakers. 

2. Different browsers present the ZOOM platform in different ways. It's going to be trial and error in terms of layout of buttons.
3. Use a desktop or laptop computer, or an iPad - the iPhone does work but the screen is tiny.

4. Place the device in the same way as if you were going to FaceTime somebody. For the iPad you will need to be able to keep it upright.

5. Get a stool and have space for a mat/ towel at a distance where you can see the screen but still be able to move around a bit.



For first timers:

Click the link then wait and see what happens. You may need to download the Zoom platform after the link is clicked. You may need your apple ID and password if you are on an apple device. You will also need to sign up for Zoom. There are ways to do it via social media or google accounts, or you can just make a new account. It’s free. 


2. Download Zoom today at and do the above without the link - if you have problems, email me for help.

Fee Schedule 

Office Classes (All Offices Currently Closed)

Manhasset Office 


1 (55 minute) private  $95.00

1 (55 minute) private with Specialized Master Trainer Rita Renha $125.00
5 (55 minute) privates $455.00
10 (55 minute) privates  $890.00

Semi-private (2 clients with one trainer) $55.00 per person
Semi-private with Master Trainer $65.00 per person

GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Group Classes (55 minute class)
1 class $38
5 classes $183
10 class $350

Equipment Rental $30.00 - please contact us via phone or e-mail to set this up initially (see contact us page)

New York City Office 

1 (55 minute) private $95.00

5 (55 minute) privates $455.00

10 (55 minute) privates $890.00

1 (55 minute) private with Specialized Master Trainer Rita Renha $145.00

Semi-private(55 minute) $50.00 per person

For more information on our New York City Office, contact

We strictly enforce a 24-hour cancellation policy for any changes or cancellations. If you are unable to reschedule with the same instructor for the same day, you will be charged since our instructors are compensated on a per-client basis. Thank you for your understanding.
All packages expire within 12 months of date of first visit except the introductory special (6 months)

Classes are either Gyrotonic Tower Classes (with equipment) or Gyrokinesis (stool and mat). There is a maximum of 6 clients per Tower class. You MUST have prior experience of Gyrotonic before enrolling in a group Tower class. You can take Gyrokinesis with no prior experience.

If you are completely new to Gyrotonic, please take some private sessions. Use our introductory special to get you started!

 Introductory Special
New Clients Only
3 private GYROTONIC® sessions
$230 ($285 value)​
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